FrameWorks - We create a Future Vision
FrameWorks - We create a Future Vision
연 월 주 요 내 용 Brief History
1988.03.05 (주)세화광학 설립 Sae Hwa Co., Ltd. established
1990.06.01 한국광학공업협동조합 가입 Became a member of the Korea Optical
Industry Cooperative Union
1991.11.13 한국무역협회 갑류무역업 등록 registered as A-level trading company at the
Korea Foreign Trade Associaton
1993.12.13 한국무역협회 회원가입 Became a member of the Korea Foreign
Trade Association
1994.07.28 KS 표시 허가 취득 (제11191호,공진청) Acquired KS(Korean Standard) from industry
Promotion Bureau (NO.11191)
1995.07.08 ISO 9002 품질시스템 인증획득(KMA0QA)
(국내 안경테제조업계 최초)
Acquired a certificate of quality system, ISO 9002,
First among Korean Optical Frames and
Sunglasses manufacturing companies(KMA-QA)
1997.07.11 진량공장 완공(순티탄 제조라인 설비) Completed 2nd factory at Jinryang Industrial
(Equiped 100% Titan system line)
1998.04.16 월드컵관련상품생산유망기업지정
Authrized manufacturer for World cup 2002
promotion items by Small and Medium
Business Administration
1998.07.08 ISO 9002 품질 시스템
제1차 갱신심사 인증
Renewed a Certificate of ISO 9002
Quality System
1998.10.27 유망 중소기업 선정
(중소기업 진흥공단 / 제 98-1579호)
Authorized a bright prospected manufacturer
by small & Medium Ind. Promotion. Corp.
1999.03.12 수출 유망 중소기업 선정
(중소기업 진흥공단 / 제 19990046호)
authorized a bright prospected
Exporter & Manufacturer
by Small & Medium Business Administration
2000.03.21 ISO9002 품질 시스템
전환 심사 인증 (영국 QAIC)
acquired a certificate ofquality system.
ISO 9002, by QAIC in U.K.
2000.04.01 "(주)프레임웍스" NEW C.I 선포 "Frameworks" NEW C.I for Sae Hwa
2000.10.10 ISO 9001 품질시스템 인증
(영국 QAIC)
Qcquired a certificate of quality system.
ISO 9001, by QAIC in U.K.
2000.12.01 뉴밀레니엄 선도중소기업 선정 (대구광역시)
중소기업대상 우수기업시상 (대구광역시)
Authorized one of leading company
by daegu Metropolitan City.
FrameWorks - We create a Future Vision
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